Join Jim Broutman in Supporting MOG IgG Associated Disorder Research at Mayo Clinic

Two years ago Jim had never heard of MOG IgG Associated Disorder, Transverse Myelitis (TM), or Optic Neuritis (ON). One day he woke up with an intense side and back ache. Two days later he couldn't urinate and the next day he couldn't stand or walk. He was paralyzed from the waist down. He was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and possibly Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A steroid treatment gave him the ability to walk again but left him with many lower body permanent side effects. A year later he developed Optic Neuritis and was officially diagnosed with MS. Two months into MS treatment his blood work was sent to Mayo Clinic to test for the MOG antibody. Jim tested positive and soon after met with Sean Pittock, M.D., Marilyn A. Park and Moon S. Park, M.D., Director, Center for Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Neurology. Mayo Clinic is the only place that can officially diagnose this new inflammatory MS like illness. MOG Associate Disorder (MOG AD) is an autoimmune inflammatory center nervous system (CNS) disorder that predominately affects the optic nerve (ON) and spinal cord (TM). Less than 1500 peopel worldwide have tested positive. They are now reclassifying these patients, including Jim, with MOG IgG Associated Disorder. Unfortunately, there is not antibody marker for MS. The discovery of this new biomarker will lead to better understanding of what causes the disease and how to cure it. The Center under the direction of Dr Pittock is committed to advancing our understanding of MOG AD and other autoimmune diseases, finding novel approaches to treatment, and ultimately a cure. This has given Jim hope and set him on a mission to raise awareness for MOG IgG Associated Disorder.  Please consider making a donation towards Dr. Pittock's research and the hope for finding a cure for MOG IgG Associated Disorder. See the Center for Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Neurology website for additional information. 

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