Join George Maurer in Supporting Cancer Research in Memory of Carolyn Held 
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He has pedaled up Pikes Peak, braved Iceland’s glaciers and geysers and made his way through Sri Lanka’s monsoon season in his four epic bike rides that have raised $45,000 to benefit cancer research at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center.
Now, Minneapolis pianist/composer and adventure cyclist George Maurer is gearing up for his fifth annual ride, this time across the rugged terrain of our neighbor to the north as he embarks on “52 Across Canada: The 5th Annual Carolyn A Held Memorial Bike Ride.”
His goal: to raise another $5,000 and bring his total to $50,000 raised to help find a cure for cancer in memory of Carolyn Held, a close friend who made her own bicycle ride across the country in 1988. She died in 2012 after a one-year battle with cancer.
This summer’s trip takes him on a three-week, 1,500-mile ride in August across the rugged interior of Newfoundland, parts of Labrador and Nova Scotia, Canada.
In the past four years, George has biked about 8,500 miles, starting with his inaugural 2014 “48 Across the 48” ride across the lower 48 states in 48 days, during his 48th year, which Carolyn also had done the year she turned 48, raising funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Little Falls, Minn. George more than doubled his $10,000 goal that year, bringing in $21,000 for the Mayo.
The next summer, he rode from San Francisco, over the Sierra Nevadas, across the deserts of the American West and then climbed to the 14,110-foot summit of Colorado’s Pikes Peak. George expanded his boundaries by traversing Iceland’s circumference and then crossed its interior in 2016 and tested his limits with his 2017 journey across Sri Lanka’s rain forest. (Watch his Sri Lanka video here:
George plans to continue his annual epic rides indefinitely as a way to show himself what he’s capable of while contributing to the greater good, something Carolyn inspired him to do.
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